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The Film group is held at Angelika Studios at 6.30 pm on the first Wednesday of every month (Except August and January). Admission £4.50 includes refreshments. The film will be followed by an informal discussion.

June 3rd

Film: It's Nice Up North with John Shuttleworth

Director: Graham Fellows

Filmed by Martin Parr

Running time:79 min

Certificate: U

It's Nice Up North is a 2006 comedy documentary made by comedian Graham Fellows as his alter ego John Shuttleworth.

It was filmed by photographer Martin Parr and edited by Fellows on his laptop on a very low budget.

In the film, Shuttleworth travels to the Shetland Islands to test his theory that the further north in Great Britain you go the nicer people are, Shetland being the most far north part of the UK. He meets various Shetland people in unrehearsed situations. Many assume him to be a real person and not a comic creation, though some scenes are acted, particularly parts with famous local tour guide Elma Johnson